If you are a service provider and a lead lands in your inbox, you only have one chance to make the best first impression. This is where having a services and pricing guide can help boost your conversions! 

This document summarises how you work, the benefits of using your services, and clearly explains how you can help your ideal clients.

Having a services and pricing guide ready to fire out when you receive an enquiry will ultimately help get more sales. Read on to find out more!



What is a services and pricing guide

What is a services and pricing guide?

In simple terms, a pricing and services guide is an ebook that summarises what you and your business are about. This document kicks off your working relationship with your clients, and should help you provide an amazing client experience from day 1.

A services and pricing guide has information about your professional background, your experience, testimonials and explains to potential clients what they can expect if they would book you as their service provider.

This ebook is also an efficient and clear way to communicate the different services and packages that you have available, how much they cost, and how they compare with each other. 

A services and pricing guide allows you to be fully prepared every time a potential client contacts you. When that happens and you have a professional and beautifully designed guide ready to send, you can get back to your clients without wasting any time.

This document allows you to communicate the benefits of your services to your clients efficiently. and helps you establish yourself as the true professional that you are.

Benefits of a services and pricing guide

There are many benefits of having a services and pricing guide:

– It helps WOW potential clients! A well-designed services and pricing guide gives the impression that you are professional and well-organised. 

– It gives potential clients an idea of what it would be like to work with you.

– It communicates your pricing and services efficiently to avoid any confusion and help clients decide which is the best option for them

– It saves time and hassle; rather than having to repeat this information every time a client enquiries, you have all the most relevant information about your business ready to send to all clients

But most importantly, a services and pricing guide allows you to communicate what’s special about your business and the way your work. This will help attract the right people and avoid those who would just end up wasting your energy and time. Welcome suitable clients and say bye-bye to time wasters!

How to Convert leads into sales

How to create an awesome services and pricing guide

All right, now that you understand what this guide is all about, I will give you some tips to help you create an awesome document that will help boost your business. 

An efficient pricing and services guide should include the following sections:

Welcome Message:

I recommend that you start the guide by thanking the client for contacting you and expressing your excitement about the idea of working with them. Begin your connection on a positive note and establish a friendly tone to start a conversation. 

Add a picture of yourself, don’t be shy! Showing the face behind your business will help build a deeper relationship with your potential client. People buy from those they know and trust and they need to get to know you in order to take things to the next level. 

You should also let your personality shine through! Do you want to sound authoritative, scientific, formal, down-to-earth or funny? Just write in a way that is naturally for you and your business. Don’t try to pretend to be someone that you are not.

Remember that the purpose of this guide is to help you connect with your ideal client. So if being who you are is going to discourage some people from working with you, then that’s a really good thing! You want to filter out those clients who are not a good fit.

 If you manage to do all of the above, you’re off to a great start!

About me:

The key to the about me section is to shed light on your story, the values that you hold, and your credentials. Your goal is to get the prospective client to trust and like you enough to continue reading till the end of the services and pricing guide (and then eventually hire you!) 

Think about your professional background and include any relevant information.

The key is to keep it detailed but brief – you don’t want people to get bored and mentally check out. Use bullet points and clear space to improve readability. 

As you write this section, talk about yourself, but in a way that it puts the spotlight into your potential customer. Yes, this section is about you, but you want to engage your reader.

Think about this as being on a blind date, if your date just talks about themselves without involving you in the conversation there is probably not going to be a second date! The same applies when talking about yourself to potential clients. 

So, for example, you can say:

I specialise in helping new mums feel confident about themselves after giving birth.

As you can see, you are talking about what you do, but in a way that it also showcases how you help your ideal client.

Services section:

This section of your services and pricing guide is pretty simple: list the services that you provide and include a little blurb explaining what each of them involve. Include all of the ways you can help clients.

Let’s consider an example; if you are a copywriter, you can jot down services like website content, email marketing, product descriptions, etc, and then give a bit more detail about each of them.


Following the services, another important section to add is your portfolio. The clients need social proof to give them the confidence that they can trust you. This is not something out of the ordinary; anyone about to spend money on a service would want to ensure that they will get results.

Choose the client stories that you are the most proud about and highlight them in this section. Talk about what the client asked you to do and the results you delivered. It would be amazing to include a photo of your client, but make sure that you ask for permission first!


This page provides a summary of the costs involved in hiring your services and the options available.

My suggestion is to get straight to the point and not run around in circles: list down your different packages, the benefits and features for each of them and include the price. Do not fill in the space with needless information that would be of no value. 

The goal is to present your packages in a visual way so a potential client can compare them and decide which is the best option for them.

Let’s explain this with an example; assuming you are a graphic designer; you can create a “Branding starter package” and a “Branding Growth Package”. Add relevant information for each of them such as the services included, the benefits, number of revisions you offer, the time you take, and so on. 

Make it concise and accurate – that’s the goal.

How It Works Section:

After the package details, you should let the client know what they can expect from booking your services. What’s going to happen and when?

List down the steps you take and the timeline you follow, the possible expectations the clients can have from you, and so on. 

It is important to explain how long it will take to complete your services and provide results. This is helpful so you can manage your client’s expectation and it also helps you filter people who are expecting results unrealistically fast – you don’t want to work with them!

So, again, make it relevant and make it to the point; that’s the way to go!


Think of it like this, when you are about to purchase a pair of trainers for the gym, you research what other people say about them, the quality, and what’s it like to wear them. Similarly, when you offer a service, people are interested to hear what others have to say about you and what’s it ‘s like to work with your business.

Simply add two to three testimonials in this section, mention the service the person booked and what they have to say about the outcome – pretty straightforward!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Use of this section to identify and answer any questions clients may have. This can be about your cancellation policy, the price you charge, timeline, and so on. You can also take this opportunity to clear out any concerns prospective clients may have that might stop them from working with you.

Once again, you can use this section to filter out people that are not a right fit for you. 

Call To Action: 

Finish off your guide by telling people what you want them to do next. Don’t assume they will know tell them!

Do you want them to email you? Book a call? Fill in a questionnaire?

Include your contact details and explain how and where the client can get in touch with you. List down things like your business number, email, social media account and address. 

Services and pricing guide checklist

After you’ve finished putting together your services and pricing guide, ask yourself these questions:

1- Does my guide properly showcase the value of my services?
2 – Would potential clients get a feel of what is like to work with me?
3 – Does my guide clearly explain my different packages?
4 – Does my services and pricing guide showcase my personality?
5 – Does it explain why they should hire you over someone else?
6 – Does it help future clients understand that booking my services is an investment for their future? 

Remember that the primary purpose of the pricing and services guide is to sell your offered services – does the guide fulfil this purpose?

Make your life easier with a Canva Services and Pricing guide template

I know that you may think that it will take you ages to create a services and pricing guide for your business, but guess what? I have an easy solution for you!

To take out the overwhelm from creating this document I have created a pricing and services guide template that covers all of the sections mentioned above and it is super easy to edit using Canva.

If you haven’t used Canva before, you can check out this article, but in short, Canva is an amazing online design tool that makes it possible for anyone to create beautiful designs.

Using canva you can easily update my template to suit your brand colours. Save heaps of time and hassle! 

Purchase my Pricing and services guide template, edit and add your information, and voila! You have your very own sleek and professionally designed guide that is going to wow your clients and help boost your conversions!

I have two options available: one for fitness and nutrition professionals and one for other services providers.

This professionally designed services and pricing guide will help establish yourself as a true professional and industry leader. 

In conclusion, the benefits of having a services and pricing guide:

A well-thought and sleek services and pricing guide will help you stand out from the competition and showcase what’s unique about you and your business. 

This document provides an overview of your services in a visually attractive way. It helps you anticipate objections, show social proof, and ultimately, boost your conversions!

Ready to start creating your services and pricing guide? Grab your template here!

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