Woman writing an Instagram caption on her phone

A good Instagram caption is one that effectively engages your readers and encourages them to take action: this can be a like, a follow or to check your profile. 

When you crack the code of how to write a good Instagram caption you can build your audience and connect with customers on a deeper level. Building relationships and developing trust is what, over time, is going to convert followers into customers.  

Want to learn how to write engaging Instagram captions? Read on!

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How to write a good Instagram caption

Why use Instagram for business?

Before we dig into the details of how to write a good Instagram caption, it’s important to understand why Instagram is such a great platform for businesses. 

The main answer is quite simple – in this day and age, customers expect it. Social media platforms such as Instagram are now forms of social currency and credit for your business. By having even a small social media presence, your customers will be assured that your company is the real deal. 

Another huge benefit of having a social media presence, as you scale your business, is that it provides you with a simple (though not necessarily easy) and free way to connect with customers. Through this connection, you can both grow your audience and form deeper relationships with current consumers. 

This trust is what will allow you to make sales and turn followers into clients. People buy from those they know and trust, and with Instagram, you can create that connection. 

With the correct content strategy you can grow your brand whole and convert sales directly through Instagram. You can also keep track of this success easily through Instagram Insights, Instagram’s in-house analytics platform.

Essentially, through Instagram, you can obtain free exposure, consumer engagement, sales conversions, and analytics all in one. 

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What should I post on my Instagram business account?

Once you’ve decided that Instagram is right for your business, the next step is to figure out what to post. While deciding what to post on Instagram for business can seem like a daunting task, there are countless ideas out there. Setting a few stepping stones can make it so much easier to start building your strategy.

Think about these 3 things as you are getting started with Instagram for your business.

1: Figure out a posting frequency

First, figure out how often you want to post. As you build your following, it’s a good idea to post both feed and story content quite regularly. Anywhere from 3-7 days per week is great, just make sure you stay on schedule, so that your audience trusts you’ll provide them with continuous content. 

2: Choose the right look for your brand

Secondly, no matter what the content of your posts is, you should have a good mix of styles. For example, your feed should include both photos and graphics, the latter of which can easily be made on the user-friendly platform Canva

Pro tip: You can buy ready-made Instagram templates from my shop, and save plenty of time!

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3: Think about your content mix

While, of course, you want to use Instagram to promote your business, you shouldn’t spend every post talking about your services.

Try to curate a good mix of posts, including posts that educate your audience (provide lots of free, valuable content) posts that showcase your customers (ask their permission first), posts to encourage engagement and so on. 

A great rule of thumb is to designate each day of the week to one type of post, and then rinse and repeat. For example, on Mondays, you showcase your services, on Wednesdays, you answer a question about your industry, and on Fridays, you share a meaningful quote. 

To add a personal touch, you can also share snaps of your own life. You want your followers to get to know you and trust you, and to do this, it is crucial to show the human side of your business. Don’t be shy!

Whatever the content of your post is, the caption should match it. While it’s perfectly okay to mention your business, if it isn’t a sales-related post, try not to make the caption sound that way. To build meaningful connections, it’s important to make your customers feel like you value them for more than just their money.

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How do you write a good Instagram caption? 

Struggling to figure out what to write under that Insta-worthy photo you’ve just taken? Not to worry, you are not alone! This is a common problem many business owners have. Here are some best practice tips for how to write a good caption on Instagram that you can implement today. Having a structure to go by will maker y