There’s no doubt starting a business is an exciting time, but also can feel overwhelming and create fear. Overcoming these feelings can be one of the most difficult first steps to conquer when starting a business. Saying goodbye to your steady pay check and becoming your own boss is a completely different world to what you are used to. And there are no guarantees!

At the same time, it represents total freedom to do what you love while making an impact. So don’t let that fear stop you from living the life you’ve been dreaming of. Here are seven ways to conquer your fear of starting a business. Read on!

How to conquer fear of starting business

Start small to remove fear

Many people believe they have to secure endless amounts of money, create the perfect business plan, and have it all figured out before starting a business. Well, let me tell you that is not how it works for most entrepreneurs! It is totally fine to start small with where you’re at and what you have. 

When I started freelancing, I did it while keeping my 9-5. I secured my first copywriting client and worked on this project outside my regular working hours. This meant that you could find me writing on the train to work, during my lunch break and in the evenings.

Overtime my side hustle grew into a thriving business. Starting small gave me the confidence I needed to finally give my notice and dedicate myself to my business full-time.

Conquer your fear of starting a new business by setting achievable goals

Starting a new business requires having goals in place. A great way to conquer your fear is to create and set achievable goals. These are goals that are broken down into the shorter and nearer term rather than longer term.

You’ll need to have larger overall goals for starting your business, but you’ll want to break them down into goals that are both measurable and achievable. Start by taking each goal and breaking it down into smaller goals you can achieve on a monthly basis that will get you closer to your larger goals.

For example, if one of your larger goals is to sell 600 products in your first year, you’ll need to break it down to selling 50 products per month. By breaking it down you’ll be able to remove the overwhelm and fear, clearly measure your progress, and know exactly where you stand at any time.

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Get organized in your business and say goodbye to fear

Another great way to conquer fear when starting a new business is to get organized from the start. Having a plan for your business can only go so far if you don’t stay organized. You’ll want to track timelines, expenses, when specific product or content needs to created, and more.

Having everything organized will ensure a smoother transition into launching a business and set you up for success from the start.

A great tool for getting and staying organized is Trello. It has the ability to track work, deadlines, manage productivity, and everything else you need when it comes to starting your business. It also allows you to collaborate with others if you have team members. It’s a visual tool that’s great for managing workstreams in your business as well. From meetings, tasks, events, and goal setting Trello will cover all your organization needs!

Remove fear by talking to a fellow business owner

One of the best ways to conquer your fear of starting a business is to talk to someone who has already done it. They’re a valuable resource that can answer questions and provide guidance for the things you’re unsure of.

Starting a business is never as scary as it seems and being able to tie human connection to breaking that fear is super helpful. There is no better resource than someone who has already walked the walk.

If you don’t know anyone that owns a business reach out to your local chamber of commerce. They’ll be able to provide you with some resources locally.

You can also find countless business owners on social media who would be more than happy to share their experience with you just by reaching out. 

Or why not send me an email to say “hello”? I would love to connect with you and hear all about your business plan!

You can also send me a DM on Instagram, or follow me for tips and insights! 

Welcome and embrace learning

There is power in knowledge. Think about every time you’ve had fear in your life. It’s based off of fear of the unknown. It causes you to run scenarios, sometimes leaving you more fearful than when you started.

A great way to conquer your fear of starting a new business is to educate yourself. Part of owning a business is making the commitment to never stop learning.

Start by doing some research and networking with mentors and experts. Buy an online course in your industry. Your local chamber of commerce will probably have endless useful resources and training. All these investments will pay for themselves by the time you implement them on your business.

If you feel like you don’t have the time to commit, start tracking what you do every day for a week. There’s a good chance some of that is browsing social media or watching TV, etc. Everyone has discretionary time in their schedule to replace with learning.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Confucius famously said: “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

In order to succeed as a business owner, you need to surround yourself by people that will push you to better yourself. So say “bye-bye” to anyone that brings you down. 

Find a support crew that will encourage you to keep going when things get tough (because, let’s be frank, they probably will at some stage of your business journey!).

Connecting with like-minded people can help you overcome your fear of starting a business. Having someone to bounce off ideas or simply hear you out can make all the difference.

If there is no-one within your network that understands what you are going through, you can look online for connections. Message people that you admire on social media, or join Facebook groups of entrepreneurs. There may even be a local networking event that you can join!

Work on your mindset everyday 

Working on your mindset is an ongoing commitment. Find something that you can do everyday to improve your inner-talk.

You don’t need to commit to a 30-minute meditation session every day, you can start small and build from there. The key is finding what works for you.

It may be journaling, saying positive affirmations as you have your morning cuppa or listening to an uplifting podcast. You may need to try a few things until you find what truly inspires you.

I personally enjoy reading motivational books in my spare time. I borrow them for my local library, so it doesn’t even cost me a dime!

If you are looking for something good to read, I recommend “Everything is figureoutable” Marie Forleo.

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In conclusion – 7 ways to conquer your fear of starting a business

Starting a business is no small task but with the right tools and mindset it doesn’t have to be scary. The world has seen a lot of change over the last year and a half and the time has never been better than now!

By using the tips in this post, you can punch fear in the face and ensure you’re fully prepared to start your business. If these tips were helpful or you’re in the process of starting your business, share your experience and thoughts in the comments!

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