How to start business while working full time

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you are looking for a way to start a business while working full time. This is an amazing aspiration to have. Starting your own business rather than working a 9-5 is an amazing way to generate income while maintaining flexibility, choosing your own hours and earning a living doing something you really care about!

However, the key obstacle for most people who are looking to start their own business is that they aren’t able to quit their full-time job to begin their business, and they aren’t sure how to start it while working at the same time.

This post will go over some of the top tips to getting your business started while you’re still working full time!

You can start an online business while working full-time

The beauty of starting an online business is that it doesn’t require a big up front investment compared to a brick and mortar business. 

An online business also gives you the option to start small to test the waters, allowing you to start your biz while still keeping a full-time job.

When I started my business a few years ago, I did it while I still worked my corporate marketing job! I started freelancing very part-time until I was confident enough I could make a living from my business alone. 

So starting business while working full-time is very doable! Here are some tips to help you succeed. 

Make a plan

When you’re starting a business at the same time as working a day job, it’s going to be time-consuming – there is no doubt about it!

However, there are ways to use your time more effectively so that it doesn’t become overwhelming – and the best way to ensure this is to plan the launch of your business and stick to that plan. 

Begin with creating your business plan in as much detail as possible, while taking into account that it might take a little longer to execute while you’re still working full time.

It might seem like the time available to work on your business is limited, but by planning out your time and working on your new venture little and often, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can start to make great progress! 

Don’t let work consume you

When you’re working full time and starting a business, it can be hard to think of anything other than work!

However, when you use every waking minute to either do your job or work on your business, you may end up resenting your business for taking away all of the time you used to spend with friends or on hobbies. 

There’s nothing wrong with working hard, but make sure you still schedule plenty of time to see friends, do something you love and generally enjoy yourself. 

It might not seem as productive to take time away from your business, but it will keep you in a good headspace and ultimately more productive if you manage to strike a good balance!

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Create motivating rituals for working on your business

There’s no escaping the fact that when you get home from work on a weeknight, or when you wake up on a Saturday morning, you’re probably not going to feel much like working on your business. 

However, if you want it badly enough, you need to find ways of making working in your free time easier and more bearable. So, work out what motivates you!

Do you work better after a good gym session? Does working from bed on a Sunday morning improve your mood? Do you need something nice to look forward to after work to get you going? 

Figure out what makes working on your business more enjoyable, and go for it! 

Commit to your business

An easy trap to fall into while starting a business and working full time is neglecting to fully commit to your business, because you have the safety net of employment. 

However, if you want your business to be your full-time job someday, you need to take steps that make it real.  Whether it’s time or money, take a step that means you’ve really committed to this venture – it might feel scary, but it will give you the push you need to make your dream a reality.

Choose something you love

The important thing to remember about starting a business is that it is supposed to be something fulfilling and gratifying in comparison to your full-time job, so there’s really no sense in beginning your new venture unless it’s going to be something you really love doing. 

It takes a lot of drive to start a business, and that drive is going to be a lot easier to get a hold of if you’re doing something that you are passionate about!

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In Conclusion: How to start a business while working full time

You might feel like you need to quit your job to make your business a reality – but that isn’t possible for everyone, and that’s okay!

There are so many steps you can take towards building your business while you’re still working full time, and this can still get you to a point of achieving all of your goals. 

Just make sure your new business is something you really care about, have patience, and stick at it – you’re going to get there!

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