As a woman, I am proud to see the increasing number of female entrepreneurs taking the leap of faith and starting their own businesses. It’s not just a matter of breaking stereotypes and proving that women can excel in the business world; it’s also about creating a positive impact on our global community. Research shows that when women thrive, not only do they benefit, but their families and communities do as well. Today let’s talk about why supporting female entrepreneurship is crucial for the growth and development of our global village.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

For centuries, women have been excluded from the entrepreneurial world, primarily due to societal norms and gender biases. However, in recent years, women have made significant strides in breaking the glass ceiling and carving their own paths. As a result, we are seeing more female-led businesses making a difference in their respective fields.

One of the benefits of having more women in the entrepreneurial world is that they bring a unique perspective to business. Women often have a different approach to problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation, which can lead to more creative and effective solutions.

Moreover, female entrepreneurs are also more likely to prioritise social and environmental issues in their businesses. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, companies founded or co-founded by women generated ten per cent more revenue than male-founded companies, and they were also more likely to prioritise social and environmental issues in their businesses.

Empowering Women and Communities

Female entrepreneurship has a ripple effect on the community. Research shows that when a woman starts her own business, she not only empowers herself but also contributes to creating stronger communities. Female entrepreneurs can create job opportunities, contribute to the local economy, and provide products or services that meet the needs of their community.

And, of course, one of the most significant benefits of female entrepreneurship is that it promotes gender equality. Women who own businesses are more likely to have control over their financial resources, which can lead to greater independence and decision-making power. Additionally, financially independent women are better equipped to invest in their families’ health, education, and well-being. By supporting women in business, we are creating a future generation of healthier, happier and brighter kids.

Challenges for Female Entrepreneurs

While the benefits of female entrepreneurship are clear, women still face significant challenges when starting and running their own businesses. One of the most significant barriers is access to funding. Women often have a more challenging time accessing capital than men, which can limit their ability to start or grow their businesses.

Another issue that female entrepreneurs face is a lack of mentorship and support. Women often lack access to role models and mentors who can guide them through the challenges of entrepreneurship. This can make it more difficult for women to navigate the business world and achieve success.

The Importance of Creating a Supportive Environment for Female Entrepreneurs

To fully embrace the potential of female entrepreneurship, we must create a supportive environment that enables women to start and grow their businesses. This includes providing access to funding, mentorship, resources and networking groups that can help women connect with other entrepreneurs and gain the support they need to succeed.

I believe that every woman should have access to the skills, tools and knowledge to start their own business. This is why every year I provide a number of scholarships to help women experiencing hardship. I aim to help to break through these barriers and empower women to become the best version of themselves. Read more about my scholarship programme. 

Another way to support female entrepreneurs is to address the gender biases and stereotypes that still exist in the business world. This includes promoting diversity and inclusion in hiring, and promoting practices and challenging the stereotypes that limit women’s potential.

The Time for Change is Now

Female entrepreneurship is not just about creating opportunities for women; it’s about creating a better world for everyone. When women thrive, families and communities thrive, and our global village becomes a better place. As a woman who is committed to supporting other women who want to start and grow their businesses, I am led by the vision of building a more equal world where every woman has the opportunity to be her own boss and shape her own future.

Join me in inspiring more women to take the first step towards entrepreneurship! I’m Nat, the woman behind Girl in Motion. My mission is to empower women to start their own business, encouraging them to define and achieve success on their own terms. If you’re a woman looking for a sign to dip your toes into entrepreneurship, well, this is it! Check out my roadmap to see what it takes to start a business in New Zealand. Build a business you love today!