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Imposter syndrome is the feeling of being inadequate or undeserving of your successes despite evidence to the contrary. And here’s the thing – everyone feels like an imposter sometimes, even people who are wildly successful. No matter where you are in life or what kind of success you’ve achieved, it’s normal to experience feelings of insecurity or doubt from time to time.

If you are planning to start a business but suffering from Imposter Syndrome you may feel like you are not qualified enough, despite having more than enough skills, qualifications, and experience. Sounds familiar? If the answer is yes, then you may be wondering – how do people with imposter syndrome start a business? Here are some ideas to help:

1. Understand Imposter Syndrome

The first step to overcoming imposter syndrome is to acknowledge its existence. Take some time to understand what it is and how it shows up for you. Do some research online or find blogs or podcasts where others share their experience in dealing with imposter syndrome.

Recognising the symptoms of Imposter Syndrome can also help you identify when you are experiencing it. Symptoms can include feeling like a fraud, experiencing self-doubt, fear and feeling like you do not deserve your success.   

2. Remember that you are not alone

Talking about your feelings can be an effective way to overcome Imposter Syndrome. Sharing your experiences with others can help you realise that you are not alone. Many successful entrepreneurs out there experienced (and are still experiencing!) Imposter Syndrome.

The key is to remember that those feelings are normal. The voice you can hear inside your head is real, but that doesn’t mean that what it is saying is true. You are good enough. You already have the skills, knowledge and experience you need to start a business TODAY. 

3. Celebrate Achievements

An effective way to combat Imposter Syndrome is to celebrate your achievements. When you accomplish something, no matter how small, take a moment to acknowledge it! It can be something small such as creating a logo for your business or publishing your website. What matters isn’t the size of the accomplishment but rather that you took steps towards achieving your goals and you should give yourself credit for it. 

Celebrating your achievements can help build confidence and remind you that you can succeed. Keeping a journal of your accomplishments can also be helpful, allowing you to reflect on your successes over time. Looking back, you will realize how you’ve gone and feel successful.

4. Focus on Progress Over Perfection 

One of the best ways to conquer imposter syndrome is to focus on progress instead of perfection. I know, easier said than done! But perfectionism can lead you down a path where nothing is ever good enough—which only fuels feelings of inadequacy and insecurity associated with imposter syndrome.

Instead, focus on making progress every day towards your goal; even if that progress is slow at times, it still counts! Remember that perfection is not possible and that imperfect action beats perfect inaction – every single time! 

5. Work on one small step at a time

Feeling overwhelmed can be a significant trigger for Imposter Syndrome. Setting realistic goals and prioritising tasks are essential to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Break tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, focusing on one thing at a time. Take one task at a time, and work on it.


Imposter Syndrome is super common. The key to overcoming this feeling is not to try to make it completely go away, but instead accepting that it is a normal part of being human. No matter where you are in life or what kind of success you’ve achieved (or haven’t yet achieved), it’s normal to experience feelings of insecurity or doubt from time to time

It can help to take the time to understand Imposter Syndrome and its symptoms. Plus  celebrating achievements, focusing on progress rather than perfection and working one small step at a time will help you keep moving forward despite the uncomfortable feelings.

Remember – being an expert isn’t a prerequisite to start a business – all it takes is the courage to take the first step and hard work. So don’t let those nagging doubts stop you from pursuing your dream business.  

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