What content works on Instagram?

You just created an Instagram account for your business. Congratulations! 

This is an exciting new beginning for your brand. This will open doors of opportunity for promoting your services and connecting directly with your target customers. Through creating content on your Instagram profile, you will be able to build your business with creativity and authenticity. 

But you may be wondering . . . what comes next? What should I post? And what kind of content works on Instagram?

In this article I will give you some simple tips that will help you launch your Instagram presence. Read on!

What kind of content works best on Instagram

Different types of Instagram content

Before you start posting content, it is important to know what features are offered by Instagram and how to use them to their full potential. Some main features on Instagram are Posts, Stories, Reels. Here’s an overview of how each of this content types work: 

Instagram Posts

To build your brand presence, it is important to post consistently to give your followers a chance to interact. Setting up a content calendar can help you stay on track with frequent posting. 

Your Posts will show as a grid on your profile, so choose a consistent theme of colors/filters/styles to design a pleasing aesthetic for your account.

You can also add multiple images or videos to a single post which is called a Carousel.

Be intentional about tying together your visual, caption, and any relevant hashtags for a cohesive Post. 

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Instagram Reels

Do you have fun ideas for sharing videos with music, audio, or voiceovers? Make sure to create Reels! Reels are entertaining, 30 second videos to give your followers something engaging to watch. 

You can upload videos directly from your gallery and use the app’s video editing tools to make creative Reels for your feed. With more popular content moving toward videos, using this feature will be a great value-add!

Mix it up by posting photos, videos, or reels, and watch your feed grow!

Instagram Stories

While your Posts and Reels represent more “permanent” content on your profile, Stories welcome your followers into your daily moments.

Each story lasts for 24 hours and then it is archived unless you choose to add it to a Highlight on your profile. 

In your Stories, you can include elements such as music, polls, tags, shared posts, cool filters, and much more! Use this feature to capture elements of your business that are “in the moment”.

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Instagram Content Ideas for Service-Based Businesses

A picture with a snappy caption is fun, but that will work only so many times. It will serve you well to devote time strategizing different ways to post content. 

Once you are comfortable with using the features and tools for developing content, it is time to start planning your own content strategy. 

Here are 7 types of content that work on Instagram:

1. Tell Your Story:
Your followers want to feel relatable to you and what you offer. What is it like to walk a mile in your shoes as you run your business?

Create posts that take us inside the story of your brand, and show us what you value, where you started, and what your vision is for the future.

For example, post about the first sale you made and how excited you were. Or post something a bit more vulnerable about some challenges you face and how you work to overcome them. Show us the person behind the scenes who makes the magic happen.

2. Share Your Expertise.

This is your time to shine! Whether you are an expert in fitness + nutrition, websites + graphic design, life coaching, or any other service, you have highly marketable knowledge to share with your followers.

Share your expertise by writing informational captions or creating step-by-step video guides to build trust and credibility with your audience.

3. Tips and Tricks. Looking for a way to grab and keep attention? Break down a process into easy, actionable steps.

For example, tell them 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep or Here are 3 Photo Editing Tips. Giving your followers some easy-to-read tips and tricks about your business or elements of your expertise is a great way to boost engagement and add value to your brand.

4. Show Features and Benefits.
Answer the who, what, where, and when questions both new and returning clients may have. Create posts including the ins and outs of your programs, services, or special offers.

Are you coaching a 30-day health challenge? Tell them everything they will receive like 1 on 1 coaching, a supportive team, healthy meals, and workout plans. You have so many great things to offer your customers, so don’t be shy to tell all!

5. Promotional Posts. To be honest, all types of content will promote your brand in different ways. And that’s good! But every now and then, adding those calls-to-action posts to your feed will supplement the other content you’re using to continuously grow trust and credibility with your brand.

For example, this can look like running promotions like a 50% discount or a Buy One, Get One deal. The sweeter the deal, the better!

6. Inspirational Posts.
Tug on their heart strings! Shoot for the stars! Posting inspirational content is a winning strategy for both grabbing attention and building trust with your followers. I mean, who doesn’t love to feel inspired?

This can look like an inspirational quote, a personal testimony, or goal setting for the future. Anything that is true to your brand and will resonate with your followers is a good place to start. 

7. Giveaways.
Have you ever been tagged in a Giveaway post? This popular type of post is a great opportunity to boost traffic and engagement for your account. When you host a Giveaway, you can offer gift cards, free items, and/or other benefits in exchange for followers tagging their friends, sharing the post, and/or following your page.

This is a fun and engaging way to spark buzz around your business.