Make the Most Out of your templates

Welcome to the Template Academy!

I’ve put this together these tutorials to help you personalise your templates to make them your own. Get in touch if you would like me to record a tutorial on a specific topic. I would be happy to do that! 

How to Access Your Template

Learn how to make a copy of the templates within your Canva account. 

How to Edit Images & Charts

Learn how to add your own images or a stock photo by dragging and dropping. Edit chart colours and content. 

How to Edit Text

Learn how to replace placeholder text with your own content, change size, font type colour and add effects.

How to Change Colours & Elements

Learn how to add new colours,  bring elements “backwards” or “forwards” and change transparency. 

How to Download Social Media Images

Learn how to download your template as an image so you can upload it into social media.

How to Edit Your Ebook

Learn how to edit text, add/delete pages, and download the final product as a pdf.