How many times have you sat down to start working on your business, only to feel completely overwhelmed and unable to get any clarity around what you needed to do.

Where do I even start??? Believe me, I know what it’s like having a million thoughts rattling around in your head! 

If I’ve learned anything on my journey from employee to business owner, it’s the importance of taking a step back, and making a plan.

If you are anything like me and need some help planning the steps you need to take to start your own service based business, then read on! In this article I will talk you through a plan you can follow to finally launch your business in 90 days. 

Here’s the thing about starting a business; dreaming up an idea is easy, making a real start is hard!

You know what it is like: you sit down with your cuppa and try to break ground on your bright business idea, only to feel completely overwhelmed and quit before you’ve even made any real progress!

Creating a website. Branding. Design. Social media. Taxes! What to do first??

A clear plan to your own business can help you overcome procrastination

When I started my own business, I felt like I was racing forward with no direction. Like attempting to climb to the top of a great mountain, with no clear path in sight. Directionless, you waste time and energy without making any meaningful progress. 

Sounds familiar? 

I was overwhelmed when I started my business too, and I almost gave up before even launching (more than once!)

I completely underestimated the amount of energy and time it took to launch a business. And as a mum of 2 small boys, time was certainly limited.

But I am SO glad I stuck with it! My business is now live and I am making money doing something I am truly passionate about.

The #1 thing that can help you move forward: a clear action plan

Having a roadmap to your own business can make all the difference. Knowing what to do and when can help you overcome fear and stop procrastination!

Getting organised is the first step towards a successful business launch. 

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Your 90-day plan to starting your own business

My 90-day business plan is what I wish I had when I first decided to start my business. Taking the time to get organised and plan made all the difference – and now I want to share my business launch plan with you!

This will guide you through everything you need to do to launch a service-based business. It outlines all the main tasks you need to cover to get your business off the ground, so you know exactly what you need to do and when.

I have spread them over a 90-day period, which will allow you to take small, actionable steps towards your business goals.

Working one small step at a time will make things a lot more manageable. Each task that you complete will give you the confidence boost that you need to keep moving forward.

This plan also allows you to start working on your business while working full time, looking after your children, or in between other commitments.

If you allocate 5-10 hours a week to work on your business over the next few weeks, you can have your business up and running in just 90 days.

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Business Launch Plan: Month 1 (Days 1-30)

This month is all about getting organised and setting strong foundations for your business.

You want to start your journey by getting your admin tasks out of the way. 

They are not the most fun or glamourous but they will save you time and hassle moving forward! It is also time to do market research, learn about your industry & competitors, and get specific about whom you are going to serve and how.

Tasks to tackle during month 1:

  • set weekly schedule: book time to work on your biz
  • set up home office
  • choose business name
  • talk to accountant, lawyer, insurance broker
  • register business open bank account
  • define niche + ideal customer
  • Identify your customer’s problems
  • market research
  • define services to offer + pricing

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Business Launch Plan: Month 2 (days 31-60)

This month is all about creating the right look for your business and presenting it in a way it will resonate with your ideal client.

The focus should be on building your brand and creating a website that will engage and convert your visitors. Designing your website and writing your website content is a crucial piece of the puzzle! Take your time drafting your copy and refining it until it is right.

Tasks to tackle during month 2:

  • create logo
  • choose colours and fonts
  • create branding board
  • choose web host + buy plan
  • choose and buy url
  • choose web builder
  • choose + install website template
  • write content for website 
  • branding photoshoot

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Business Launch Plan: Month 3 (days 61-90)

This month is all about making connections and getting ready to welcome your first clients.

It is time to launch your social media presence: take the time to create a content strategy and think about what kind of content you need to create to convert followers into paying clients. You should also get your client onboarding processes sorted and develop a business development plan.

Tasks to tackle during month 3:

  • input content into website and make live
  • set up business email
  • SEO: optimise web pages and images
  • set up instagram business account
  • create content strategy
  • set up scheduler
  • create social media templates
  • client onboarding: prepare contracts, email templates, welcome pack, etc
  • business development: plan how to get word out about your biz + get clients!

Business Launch Plan Day 90 – Your business is live!

My 90-day business plan is designed to help you bring your business idea to life. It outlines all the main steps you need to take in order to launch your service-based business, so you will know exactly what you need to do and when! 

Once you’ve tackled all the tasks outlined under the plan, you will have a strong foundation from where to grow your business

In Conclusion: How to start a service-based business in 90 days

Break down your big goal of starting your dream business into manageable puzzle pieces and you’ll go a long way to eliminating feelings of anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm. Declutter your mind, get some clarity, and set yourself on an organised path to success.

Having a roadmap to your own business can make all the difference. It can help you overcome fear and stop procrastination. 

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