• scaling a business

    Growing for Success: A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Scaling a Business

    Today we’re going to delve into an exciting (and often nerve-wracking) aspect of entrepreneurship — scaling your business. As women entrepreneurs, we’re constantly balancing our ambitions with a whole host of other responsibilities, but when your business starts to grow, taking it to the next level can be both thrilling and a little bit intimidating. […]

  • business woman

    Crafting Your Personal Brand: A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Standing Out

    Today we’re diving into an incredibly important aspect of entrepreneurship—building your personal brand. Yes, your business is your pride and joy, but as a woman entrepreneur, you are just as essential to your brand’s story and growth as the product or service you offer. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Why should I care […]

  • woman entrepreneur

    Embracing Empathy and Emotional Intelligence as a Woman Entrepreneur

    In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to forget the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ) as we chase business goals. However, these qualities are integral to lasting success, strong relationships, and moving our businesses forward by understanding the needs and feelings of others. As a woman entrepreneur, embracing and harnessing empathy and EQ […]

  • girl in motion

    Unlock Your Potential: Creating a Winning Mindset for Success in Business & Life

    Hey ladies! Today we’re going to talk about cultivating a winning mindset. You’ve probably heard about this term before, but what does it really mean? A winning mindset is a way of thinking that focuses on growth, positivity, and resilience, allowing us to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and ultimately achieve sustained success in both […]

  • woman holding flower

    What Does It Mean to be a Purpose-Driven Business?

    Are you a woman embarking on her solopreneur journey, trying to build a service-based business from the ground up? Congratulations, it’s a brave and exciting path! As women, we are often driven by passion and a desire to make a difference in the world. That’s why establishing a purpose-driven business can be the key to […]

  • Entrepreneurs

    How to Create a Successful and Sustainable Work-Life Balance for Women Entrepreneurs

    Hey there! It’s Nat, the founder of Girl in Motion, here to share some tips and strategies for achieving that elusive work-life balance as a female entrepreneur. As women, we often wear many hats—from being business owners and leaders to mothers, partners, and friends. Juggling all these responsibilities can be incredibly challenging, but finding balance […]

  • words of affirmation

    Best Affirmations for Female Business Owners and Why They Matter

    As a female business owner, I know it sometimes feels like there are not enough hours in the day. Between juggling a business and being a mum to 3 little boys, I have to make a conscious effort to work on my mindset on a daily basis. That’s why I am so passionate about affirmations—these […]

  • being on video

    How to Overcome the Fear of Being on Camera to Create Videos

    Hey there! If you’re running a service-based business, you’ve probably heard that video content is the way to go. It’s true: videos are powerful tools for marketing and connecting with potential clients. However, for many of us, the idea of being on camera is downright terrifying. But don’t worry—I’ve got your back.  In this blog […]